Flights Installments

At TSG, we want to make traveling affordable. Traveling shouldn't be a stressful experience. Everyone should be able to travel, including single moms and students. You can finance your flights with us since 2019.
Here are the simple steps to do so.
  • Pick your flight
  • Fill out the form
  • Send us a screenshot of your flight: we need a screenshot of the payment page. Go on the airline website, pretend like you are buying the ticket, all the way until you reach the payment page. Screenshot that.
  • Place your $150.00 deposit.
  • Make payments towards your flights
  • Receive your flight confirmation up to 72h after your final payment.

**Please note that we accept flights from every airline including Spirit, Allegiant and Frontier**

Please note that the flight has to be at least $150. If it's under, we will not approve it.